I work with mid-career professionals from large corporate companies.

You have a specific professional skill set that you have developed over a decade, but now you are not growing or learning anything new. You hold senior technical roles and are reluctant to move into management, although you do consider it from time to time.

You are living life the way you thought you should —
but it is just not working for you.

You find that, while work is sometimes exciting, for the most part, you don’t find any challenge in it and you are quite disillusioned. This can result in unexplained chest pain brought on by stress at work. You are constantly feeling under-utilised. You yearn for something new and rewarding.

Additional challenges my clients face …

  • They feel uninspired, tired, and for many it’s showing physically as bodily aches and pains.
  • Making any decision seems impossible.
  • They feel like their self-confidence is fading.
  • Some fear that if they attempt any change, they’ll just end up back where they are now, so they don’t take action.

I will help you discover what you really want from life and support you to make the changes to live it.

As a result of working together, you will:

  • feel more in control of life
  • know where you are going next with confidence
  • feel more excited about life and its possibilities
  • make peace with the past and let go of “they should live a certain way”

What I do is called the ‘Ideal Life Process‘

My ILP approach brings together a number of evidence based processes which help individuals identify and achieve their ideal life.

When I coach my clients, we explore ‘the rules’ that they have unconsciously made for themselves which govern the actions that they take and result in the unwanted outcomes.

My clients love how I listen deeply, ask good questions, and draw out what they really want from life — and how I help them bring it into reality.

I too was in a corporate job that I found unfulfilling.
I found my way out.

Having come from a corporate career, I understand firsthand what it is like to be in a job that no longer challenges or excites you and to not be able to see any viable alternatives. I know what worked for me, and I’ve worked hard to gain the skills required to help you do the same.

NEXT: Read about the success stories of my clients, and then let’s set aside time for us to talk.

If you’re feeling stuck or lost about what to do, then let’s figure it out.