Hi. I’m Nick Condon.
I love helping people uncover what it is they really want so they can live an extraordinary life — with no regrets.

Hi. I’m Nick Condon, a personal development coach.
I will help you discover what it is you really want to start living that extraordinary life — with no regrets.

My Short Story

After ten years in IT, I knew my job well, but there was no challenge or excitement left.

Though I enjoyed aspects of my job and the income, it wasn’t enough. Something was missing.

I needed to stretch myself and grow in new ways – and to make a difference. Most of all, I wanted to feel alive again.

So, I left and started my own travel company.

I needed a break — not just a couple of weeks, but some serious time off. It was frightening to leave the security. I had a mortgage and responsibilities to others. What about my career? And, what if I failed? What would become of me?

So, I sought out the help of a coach and took a career break for a year to travel. In that year off, I decided I wanted something else from life. So, I started my own travel business that gave people just like I was – stuck, lost and confused – to have a break and figure out what they truly, deeply wanted to do next in life.

The impact on the people I served was profound. People needed this kind of sabbatical to find themselves, reset and live their lives fully again.

Ten years down the track, I find joy in helping others to discover and create the future they truly want. I’m able to pursue other exciting interests and I earn an income to support my life.

Why I love helping professionals find their next calling.

I see so many others around me stuck and unhappy in their work/life and yearn for something more. I can feel their pain acutely.

I know, with a few good conversations and a little breathing room, I could help them see new, exciting possibilities — and they’d be reborn.

Seeing that continental shift inside these people brings me incredible joy. It’s immensely rewarding to be of help in this way.

Everybody has something they really want to create.

But before you create it, you need to decide what that is. That answer comes from within. Taking action toward that vision then builds momentum and confidence and ultimately leads to what they are looking for.

If you want to get unstuck and find your way into something exciting, meaningful and rewarding, then let’s talk.

Trained in evidence-based methodologies, I help you get clear on what you want from your life and career, work with you to achieve that vision, and develop you as a person along the way.

A local newspaper where I wrote travel articles to inspire others to get out and live.

If you’re feeling stuck or lost about what to do, then let’s figure it out.