Let’s go find it.

Are you finding your job unfulfilling but you’re staying there because you can’t see where to go next?

You know your job backwards and feel like you are just going through the motions. You’re reluctant to leave because you have no idea what you would do instead and somehow you’ve convinced yourself to stay there until you have a plan.

You’ve come to a point in life where you have achieved success but it still feels like there is still something missing.

Imagine instead, having a clear, exciting plan for your life, you’re feeling healthy, confident and eager to pursue it.

And let’s say that your work not only excites you but makes a noticeable and valuable difference to the world.

You enjoy what you do, you are good at it and the pressure to be someone you’re not is gone.  You feel alive again and look forward to a brighter future both in work and in life.

So why are you stuck?

Life is busy and you’re so caught up in what you are doing that you don’t have the time or energy to consider doing anything else. So new possibilities never surface.

Life gets too comfortable. You turn up to work, do a great job, and get paid regularly. In a lot of ways, there’s no reason to do something else.

The alternative of choosing something else – feels packed with uncertainty and is quite frankly terrifying. What if you fail? What will people say? But you don’t have all the answers yet? Or a well-laid-out plan?

Meanwhile, that feeling that something is missing is not going away.

What needs to be done about it?

It’s good (I would say vital) to take a step away from life to give yourself the space to reflect on what it is you truly want.

Once you do that, exciting ideas start to come to you, you get back in touch with your natural talents, envision a future you’d love and possible pathways open up.

Having been on the treadmill for so long, a short breather can bring new possibilities and a fresh sense of adventure again.

This is where I can help.

Nick Condon - Development Coach

Hi. I’m Nick Condon, a career and personal development coach.

I work with disillusioned professionals who feel stuck in their jobs. I help them map out where they want to go in work and life and take the steps to get there. They feel excited and alive again.

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Hi, I’m Nick Condon.

I help unfulfilled office workers Uncover What They Truly Want — and then go Live it.

Having left the corporate world, and become a personal development strategist. I’ve worked with unhappy cubicalists to change their inner view of world so they bravely change their outer world — and live an exciting life again (even if you have kids, bills, and people to please).

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If you’re feeling stuck or lost about what to do, then let’s figure it out.